Our Team

Rose Lovelace


As a Kenya native who moved to the U.S. in 1994, I’ve always understood the desire to achieve the American Dream. For over 15 years, I’ve worked with a diverse group of clients, striving to understand and help them achieve one crucial part of their American Dream: homeownership.

As a wife, mother, and homeowner myself, I know just how stressful and confusing the buying and selling process can be. Not only will I help guide you through each step of the process but I promise to hear your concerns, ease your anxieties, and ensure that at each step of the process you are equipped with all the information you need to move forward in finding the best property for you.

Marie Jackson


I began my real estate journey in 2016, after my son was born. I love meeting new people, making connections and learning about people from all walks of life. I enjoy forming new relationships with people and helping them through major milestones, such as finding that dream home. There’s no better feeling than helping a client accomplish a huge such a huge life goal. I believe that as you assist your client in the purchase or sale of their home you become a key part of this stage of their lives. They’ll never forget it or you! Nothing makes me as happy as the look in my clients eyes when they put their entire trust in me and the process.

I’ve had the pleasure of helping clients buy a home. What I would love to explore is the selling side of real estate and increasing my listings. I gladly serve Barrow County, Walton County, Rockdale County, Newton County, Gwinnett County, Dekalb County and surrounding areas.

AnnMarie Sinclair


I got into real estate because of the experience I gained while looking to purchase my own home. I was intrigued by the incredible model homes that I viewed and just the overall feeling that I experienced while viewing different properties. I knew that I needed to share this experience with others.

I love to see the look of pride and joy and the feeling of great accomplishment across my clients' faces' right after closing on a house. I love that my clients trust my judgement and I take great pride in finding exactly what they are looking for in a home. I am a dedicated agent. I pay great attention to detail and will always go above and beyond to ensure that I find my clients a home that they will be happy to live in for many years.